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Accelerating deep decarbonization through pragmatic climate solutions

The Challenge

Climate change presents a complex challenge to communities across the United States

Climate impacts threaten vulnerable populations regardless of political affiliation, and policymakers are increasingly searching for solutions that will put the U.S. on a path toward deep decarbonization, while positioning their constituents to succeed in an economy rapidly transitioning to zero-carbon.

Achieving a net-zero emissions economy in the timeframe science demands requires collaboration from governments, communities, and businesses.

That’s where we come in.

Our Approach

CATF’s approach is pragmatic and ambitious

We go beyond simply advocating for decarbonization in the existing political context, instead aiming to change narratives and foster a political environment conducive to reducing emissions as a means of ensuring prosperous, healthy, resilient communities.

We firmly believe that the U.S. must consider a broader range of technology solutions to address the climate challenge effectively—advancing everything from electrification and renewable energy to zero-carbon fuels, carbon capture, and more.

The Solution

Investing in a clean economy is the winning strategy

To address climate change while ensuring the prosperity and resilience of American communities, we must keep all solutions on the table. In fact, there is already a powerful suite of policy solutions and technologies that can help us transition to a carbon-free economy:

Federal investment and policies to support these technologies – from research, development, deployment, and demonstration to regulations and standards – will allow us to decarbonize the U.S. economy, reduce air pollution, and improve public health outcomes, while ensuring the long-term prosperity and competitiveness of cities, towns, and regions.

Our Purpose

Advancing climate and clean energy policies

CATF Action is a U.S. advocacy organization that advances climate and clean energy policies designed to achieve economy-wide decarbonization. We build coalitions, lead campaigns, and educate lawmakers on viable pathways to a zero-emissions, high-energy society at an affordable cost.

We support federal and state policies that foster the innovation required to decarbonize the U.S. economy, improve air quality, and create prosperous pathways for communities engaged in the low- and zero-carbon transition.

Take Action

Let’s build inclusive, broad-based support for climate action

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