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What We Do

CATF Action conducts targeted, impactful advocacy to change the political landscape and achieve policy frameworks that enable the transition to a zero-carbon carbon economy at an affordable cost.

Policy analysis and design

Our team of experts engages in rigorous research and analysis, designs policy solutions, and works with lawmakers to socialize concepts and approaches that are critical to decarbonizing the U.S. economy.

We provide technical expertise, political strategy, and tactical advice to advance resilient policy solutions that withstand political winds and drive impact at scale.

Advocacy, education, and coalition building

Guided by sound analysis and extensive experience, CATF Action conducts impactful policy advocacy, education, and persuasion campaigns rooted in the pragmatism of real world politics. We engage with and educate lawmakers, reach out to core constituencies, and devise strategic communications campaigns to create the political conditions needed to advance effective energy policy.

We build powerful coalitions across the private sector, labor unions, and environmental advocates, and focus the power of diverse voices to achieve lasting political change.

Efforts & Priorities

Strategically engaging stakeholders at federal and state levels

CATF Action focuses on securing the policies that create as many viable pathways to a fully decarbonized economy as possible. We recognize a diverse portfolio of technologies will be needed to meet the diverse needs of our communities. To that end, we strategically engage stakeholders at all levels of government and society.

Federal Efforts

Policy made in Washington, DC should capture the broad and diverse needs of the country. When it comes to clean energy and decarbonizing our economy, federal policy should create incentives that clean up pollution and emissions while also providing optionality for communities to pursue the decarbonization pathway that is right for them. That is why CATF Action advocates for a pragmatic and technology-inclusive approach to Congress and the Administration.

  • Energy Act of 2020
  • Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act of 2021 (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law)
  • Robust budget reconciliation effort that includes investments and tax incentives for the deployment of clean energy technologies

State Efforts

Federal and state energy policies are not made in a vacuum. Local stakeholders are where the rubber hits the road, and are critical to the success of the U.S.’ national climate strategy. CATF Action knows we must strengthen the association between federal climate policies and the benefits felt back in districts. We do this by engaging those policies’ various constituencies at the local and state levels, and elevating policy success stories across media platforms.

The Keystone State has a long legacy of resource and energy production. As the country transitions to a zero-carbon economy, Pennsylvania once again has a major role to play and an important voice at the federal level as a region that has historically capitalized on new opportunities as the energy system evolved over the last century.

CATF Action seeks to elevate local voices and perspectives from the state and showcase how federal clean energy investments are positively transforming communities.

Media Inquiries: for press or media inquiries, contact Troy Shaheen, Communications Director, at [email protected]

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