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Rep. Tom O’Halleran, Business Leaders, Clean Energy Advocates Discuss Benefits of Inflation Reduction Act for Arizonans


Arizona – Clean Air Task Force Action, a U.S. advocacy organization that advances climate and clean energy policies designed to achieve decarbonization, today hosted a virtual roundtable with Rep. Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01), business leaders across Arizona’s energy sector, and clean energy advocates to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and how its continued implementation will benefit Arizonans and the state’s economy.

“For far too long, we’ve failed to take meaningful action to mitigate the effects of climate change on the desert southwest—drought, fires, and flooding are directly impacting Arizonans every day, be it coming water restrictions for southern Arizona families and farmers, homes and businesses lost to deadly wildfires in overgrown northern forests, or flood after flood destroying the homes and businesses of folks in Flagstaff,” said Rep. Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01). “The Inflation Reduction Act makes historic, targeted investments that address climate change head-on, creating new incentives that will produce cleaner, more affordable energy and create good-paying jobs in the process.”

You can watch a full recording of the roundtable discussion here.

Signed into law in August 2022, the IRA will allocate nearly $370 billion to incentivize the private sector to build out America’s 21st-century clean energy infrastructure. The law will help spur the economic transformation needed to address climate change, make clean energy more accessible and affordable, and direct important investments to underserved communities.

“The Inflation Reduction Act provides much needed certainty to an industry that already employs nearly 10,000 people in Arizona,” said John Mitman, Board President, Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association (AriSEIA). “That certainty will enable even greater investment in a state with immense solar potential and a flourishing electrification hub. This legislation puts Arizona in an ideal position to be a leader in the clean energy sector.”

In Arizona alone, the IRA is expected to create more than 65,000 new, good paying, high-quality jobs in 2035. Additionally, the legislation will reduce energy expenditures each year across the desert southwest region, mitigate extreme heat, prevent wildfires, and provide emergency drought relief to tribes, improve canals, and supply water. In 2030, cost savings from reduced energy expenditures will translate to lower energy costs for Arizonans annually by an average of $360 per household relative to current policy.

“The passage of the IRA is an exciting time for the solar industry and our team at OMCO Solar,” said Eric Goodwin, Director of Business Development, OMCO Solar. “The bill will enable OMCO to leverage our Arizona Manufacturing footprint to bring value to our solar customers in our home state with our factory-direct single axis trackers and fixed tilt ground mount solutions.”

“Korsail Energy is honored to be engaging with Representative O’Halleran and CATF-Action. Today’s discussion reaffirmed that the Inflation Reduction Act will be a powerful, pragmatic solution for Arizona as it transitions towards a clean energy future,” said Scott Meyers, Development Analyst, Korsail Energy. “As a utility-scale solar and storage developer, Korsail Energy remains committed to working with diverse groups of stakeholders to proliferate the adoption of zero-carbon energy.”

The IRA will also substantially increase Arizona’s clean energy capacity by expanding solar and wind energy, investing in existing nuclear energy, increasing rural and tribal energy, and clean vehicle manufacturing. The IRA is projected to result in 47 gigawatts of new solar capacity and four gigawatts of new wind capacity, adding up to more than 50 gigawatts of new renewable energy. That is enough energy to power the equivalent of roughly 7.5 million homes.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is a once in a generation opportunity for the state to significantly improve our transportation and electric systems; making them cleaner, more equitable, reliable and affordable,” said Amanda Ormond, Director, Western Grid Group. “Arizona needs strong collaboration and coordination across energy sectors and jurisdictions to capitalize on these opportunities.”

“The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is a crucial step toward securing energy equity and a clean future,” said Trevor Warren, Founder and President, Higherwire. “At Higherwire, our mission is to reduce burdens to renewable energy storage and production, and this legislation will help us achieve that goal. It will also spur investment and innovation to produce clean, cost-effective energy that will create local jobs and reduce energy costs for all Arizona families.”

“Ørsted is excited to be developing its first project in Arizona – Eleven Mile Solar in Pinal County,” said Brianna Berkson, Western Regional Development, Ørsted. “With the passage of the IRA, we look forward to working on more projects in Arizona, bringing jobs and tax dollars to rural areas, and offering low-cost energy to the grid.” 

“The Inflation Reduction Act is a win for Arizona businesses and consumers, and the benefits will be far-reaching,” said Lindsey Baxter Griffith, Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force Action. “The law will create high-quality jobs in Arizona and across the country, support the transition to a clean energy economy, and keep American energy globally competitive and affordable for decades to come, all while helping the U.S. achieve our climate goals.”

Other panelists included Jim Mapstead from Accurate Signs; Stephen Lassiter from Sunrun; Adam Stafford from Western Resource Advocates; and Tyler Orcutt from the Coalition for Community Solar Access.

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