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Thanks Minnesota lawmakers for your clean energy & climate leadership

Thanks to the leadership of Governor Walz and the Minnesota legislature, on February 7th Minnesota successfully passed a clean energy law that puts the state on track to achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 – faster than any other state in the Midwest. This new law will help reduce air pollution, improve public health, and expand affordable and reliable clean energy across the state.  

Benefits of Minnesota’s clean energy law:

Climate change affects every aspect of our lives, including agriculture, tourism, and public health, just to name a few. This clean energy law will empower our state to reach its vision of a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient Minnesota.

Cleaner, reliable, and affordable energy to power homes and businesses 

Improved air quality resulting from less air pollution across the state

Job creation and economic growth opportunities within local communities 

Flexibility for utilities to choose the most reliable and cost-effective zero and low-carbon energy sources 

Making Minnesotans proud!

This new law provides a commonsense and flexible approach that protects Minnesotans’ access to affordable, reliable power, sends a clear market signal for clean energy investment in our state, all while creating a clear pathway to achieve our climate goals. 

Thank you Governor Walz and Minnesota lawmakers for your commitment to climate action in our state. Your clean energy leadership is making Minnesotans proud!  

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